Pupil Premium

Our Lady of Peace Catholic Primary and Nursery School

‘With Christ in our hearts, together we grow.’

Pupil Premium at Our Lady of Peace Catholic Primary & Nursery School.


What is the Pupil Premium?

Key facts:

The Pupil Premium is allocated to children from low-income families who are currently known to be eligible, or have been eligible for free school meals (FSMs) in the last six years and looked after children (LAC). As a group, children who have been eligible for Pupil Premium tend to have consistently lower educational attainment than their peers.


  • All our work supported by the Pupil Premium will be aimed at accelerating progress and moving children to at least age-related expectations. Initially, this will be in the areas of English and Maths.
  • The range of provision prioritised for these pupils includes:
    1. A focused approach to developing Quality First Teaching.
    2. Additional teaching and learning opportunities provided through trained teaching assistants (TAs) and enrichment activities.
    3. Enhanced C.P.D. for teachers.
  • A crucial element of our work, which underpins academic progress, is the emotional support and personal development for children eligible for Pupil Premium.
  • Pupil Premium resources may also be used to target more able children, in order for these pupils to make excellent progress.
  • Pupil Premium is allocated following a needs analysis, which identifies priority classes, groups or individuals.
  • Provision for pupils with special educational needs are separate from Pupil Premium, however in some cases, pupils may have special educational needs and be eligible for the Pupil Premium.


Enriching the environment

The pupil premium also goes to support activity beyond the usual classroom timetable; this includes activities that will enrich the pupil’s whole education and provide further opportunities such as:

  • Educational and residential visits 
  • Gardening experiences and club
  • Enrichment opportunities with external professionals.

Targeted support

At Our Lady of Peace Catholic Primary & Nursery School, we work closely with parents and carers to ensure we are fully supporting pupils in every way we can, in a planned and monitored process. This includes using external resources if necessary, such as the support tools below:

  • Learning interventions according to need, short and long-term
  • Additional Educational Psychologist time
  • Key Stage 1 Nurture group and Key Stage 2 Emotional Literacy Support

This list of activities is not definitive. It is continually under review and is adapted to the changing needs of the pupils at Our Lady of Peace Catholic Primary & Nursery School.

We will publish a review in September 2021.