Our Lady of Peace is an outstanding Catholic school. The Headteacher, strongly supported by her dedicated team of senior leaders and governors, communicates her vision of God's love embracing every member of the community and instills in her pupils the habit of prayer and care for each other. The school has been on an academic and spiritual journey since it amalgamation in 2016 and much has been accomplished in the intervening years. The senior leadership team have worked tirelessly to achieve the now seamless transition and the school as it is today is a tribute to their efforts. Children are at ease in their environment which gives them the confidence to learn and take risks without fear of ridicule. Pupils have a good knowledge and understanding of their faith and contribute enthusiastically in lessons and collective worship. New staff are inducted so that they feel valued and the chaplaincy team ensure that they are welcomed into the community. The excellent pastoral care is much appreciated by parents who have written that"the caring ethos produces caring children, polite and thoughtful. We see children of fourteen and fifteen years old and you can easily identify the Our Lady of Peace pupils".