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Religious Education

The school's programme reflects the ethical and spiritual values of the school's Mission Statement. The main focus of RE teaching is based on ‘Come and See’. With the help of this programme, we aim to stimulate the religious growth and development of each child along with their academic and social progress.
The school endeavours to support, extend and clarify what the children experience at home and in the parish. Prayer is central to our life at Our Lady of Peace. We nurture in the children their natural aptitude to prayer by providing situations which encourage them to pray both formally and informally.
Masses are celebrated at school at the beginning and end of each term, and on Holy Days of Obligation. During the course of the year children from each class join worshippers of the parish for a parish mass. Parents are welcomed at the celebration of Masses. We celebrate our Feast Day in October. Children are all assigned to a House: Fatima, Lourdes or Walsingham. These are important places in our Catholic faith as they are all associated with devotion to Our Blessed Lady.
Once a week classes take it in turn to present an assembly to the rest of the school and parents are invited on these occasions.
The whole school meets once a week for a themed assembly led by the Headteacher and once a week for hymn worship. Praising God in voice is part of our school worship. We believe that the dignity of the individual is important and our children are prepared for life in a multi-cultural society. The ethnic diversity of the pupils in our school is celebrated.
Currently parents have the right to withdraw their child from Collective Worship and RE lessons and alternative appropriate arrangements will be made. Requests for withdrawal should be put in writing to the Headteacher.
Please find some useful information below with regards to our RE teaching for this term. 

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