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The Role of School Parent Representatives

Role of parent representatives

The parent forum is a meeting where parent representatives share any questions, concerns, or positive or formative feedback that they have gathered from the other parents in the year group they represent. Parent reps are responsible for gathering feedback from the wider group of parents in their year group, and for representing these views at the forum.
The forum is held once every half term, when the parent reps meet with the Chair of Governors or an alternate governor. The forum is solutions focused, and not a complaint sharing session. Outputs from the meeting are discussed by the Governor attending with the School Senior Leadership Team.

The parent forum is not intended to replace the school current reporting structure, which is published in the 'Parents’ Info' section of our school website. This reporting structure, which starts with your child’s class teacher, is place to handle child specific questions, or concerns you may have. The parent forum will be in place to discuss more general questions, feedback, and observations on the school directly with Governors.

If you are interested in becoming a parent rep, please contact the school office.

T. 01628 661886 E. post@olopprimary.co.uk