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Living Eggs Project

March 2018

This week, the Nursery and Reception children have been observing the hatching of our duckling eggs. They have checked each day to see how things have progressed and been captivated as they began to emerge.  On Tuesday 2 hatched. On Wednesday 2 more and today the last duckling has arrived safely. It has been wonderful to see the wonder on the children’s faces and the excitement now around as we begin to look after them for the last week they will be at school.

Thank you parents and carers for your support and we hope you enjoy a short collection of the photos which have been taken.

The EYFS Team.

The chicks are thriving - they have grown so much already - they are eating well and having a great time all trying to fit in the food bowl at one time!!
As you can see the chicks are growing well and are quite lively and enjoying their food, the children love to see them during the day.

Two more chicks arrived by the time we arrived for work this morning - Only one more left to hatch!
Wednesday 22.3.17 There was great excitement this morning when we arrived at school four chicks had hatched overnight.
By lunchtime we had seven!!!
The children have all had a great time visiting the chicks during the day and the STAFF!!
Click on the video to see the chicks

These are the latest arrivals and still in the incubator - the rest have been moved into their new home - they are growing so quickly and eating well.

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