We aim to build on, and widen the skills, learned during KS1; this is achieved through a variety of work, both academic and practical, as laid out in the National Curriculum.
KS2 Geography is about developing knowledge, skills and understanding relating to people, places and environments at different scales. Through studies of the United Kingdom and overseas an awareness of the wider world is developed.
The work is varied and covers the following topics:
  • Mapping (use of a variety of maps of different scales)
  • Investigating Rivers
  • Improving the Environment
  • Settlement - A local study, including fieldwork
  • Places - Comparison of contrasting areas, particularly overseas.
Most topics in Geography provide cross-curricular links with other subjects, specifically English, Science and Maths. Particular examples are: The water cycle (Science link), map reading, co-ordinates, graphs, scales, and measurements (Maths links), drama and dance.
More details on the 2014 Geography National Curriculum can be found here: